Diamond Grit Impregnated Dressers

Diamond Grit Impregnated Dressers

The diamond grit impregnated dressers offered by Comet are designed on lines similar to the multi-point diamond dressers. However, the diamond grit dressers are manufactured using crushed diamond grit instead of small natural diamonds. The grit utilised is obtained not only from natural diamonds, but also synthetic ones.

It is because of the sharpness of these tools that they have been used all over the world and mainly because they are truly effective when it comes to restoring the roughness of the surface of the machine wheel. There are plenty of reasons why the diamond grit impregnated dressers are preferred over others and these include:

  • These tools do not require any resetting, hence reducing the inventory levels.
  • The initial cost is low, as is the cost of maintenance.
  • The resistance towards shock as well as impact ensures that the diamond grit impregnated dressers are extremely durable.

Since these diamond dressers are so adaptable, they are utilised for not only dressing the outside diameters but also the sides of grinding wheels, irrespective of them being coarse or fine.

The range of diamond dressers offered by Comet finds use in areas such as:

  • Grinding machines
  • Tool grinders
  • Dressing resin
  • Rubber and vitreous bond
  • Fine grit grinding wheels
  • Boron carbide grinding wheels
  • Dressing V-profile grinding wheels
  • Dressing single profile threaded grinding wheels
Tool No. Diamond Section Dimensions of Diamond Grit Impregnated slugs Bond
DG-4 W, WC
DG-6 W, WC
DG-8 W, WC




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