Indexable Crown Type diamond dresser

Comet indexable crown type diamond dressers are specially recommended for cylindrical grinders and all type of large wheels where fine dressing is considered important. Comprising of several natural diamonds these multi point diamond dressers can be utilized to the maximum possible extent without requiring any resetting or re-sharpening of the diamonds used in it.

The range of indexable crown type diamond dressers fabricated by us provides swift dressing and thus produces consistent and smooth surface on grinding wheels. Moreover owing to the contact of multiple diamond points with the face of the wheel, the unit pressure on individual points reduces, thereby making them more durable.

Available with us are the following two types of indexable crown type diamond dressers:

  • EM-24 with 24 Diamonds for wheel size up to 600 mm diameter wheel.
  • EM-36 with 36 Diamonds for wheel size above 600 mm diameter wheel.

Advantages of Multi Point Indexable Crown Type Diamond Dressers

  • In this type the diamonds are mounted on a circular crown in such a manner that an angle of 90 degrees is formed between the circular crown and the operating plane. Once the diamonds get used at their current positions the crown can be readjusted on the shank and hence diamonds can be completely used up and resetting is redundant.
  • In this dressing wheel with large area is possible in relatively shorter span of time time than single point diamond dresser.
  • As two or more diamonds come in contact with the wheel the workload on the diamonds is divided, so the feed may be safely increased.
  • Fine finish is obtained on the wheel due to the crystal shape of the diamonds.
  • It can be used for side dressing of grinding wheels.

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