Diamond Paste

Comet offers high-grade diamond lapping paste that is manufactured using qualitative diamond powder along with appropriate components, in order to ensure efficient application and achieve the desired quality of results. Available in both oil as well as water-soluble mediums, our diamond lapping paste finds application for quick polishing of all kinds of hard metals and for rendering a superior degree of finish to them.

Comet's range of diamond lapping powder is extensively demanded by manufacturers of dies, seals, molds, components and other similar industries where a high degree of polish is required.

Our diamond lapping powder can be made available in fine, medium and rough pastes and is packed in syringes of 5 C.C., so as to ensure easy and safe handling. To ascertain efficient application and optimum results, the work conditions and the stock to be removed are taken into consideration to determine the appropriate grade.

Metal Working General production components, mechanical seals, bearing seats & pivots, ceramic components, fuel injection valves hydraulic & pneumatic components, pump glands, etc.
Tool Rooms Press tools, tablet punches, test blocks, gauges, plastic moulds, slide surface, etc.
Wire drawing Tungsten carbide dies, rolls, guides, etc. Electronics -Semi-Conductor wafers, laser rods. tape heads, computer memory discs, radar tracking discs, etc.
Optics Contact lens moulds, stainless steel mirrors, Perspex prisms, etc.
Laboratory Metallurgical, Geological and Refractory specimens, Crystallography, Fibre optics, etc.
Petrochemicals Pump faces, valve seats, spinnerets, wear blocks, etc.
Aeronautics Seal plates of jet engines, hydraulic valves, spacers, etc.
Ship building Diesel injector valves, pump glands & seal faces, aluminum mirrors, etc.


Classifications Micron Code No. Colous Code Guide for recommended use
Super Finishing Super Fine Polish D-1 White Very high finish on steel and hard metals.
D-2 Grey For finish tungsten caticle dies. Mirror polish on steel and hard steel moulds and gauges etc.
Final Polishing Fine Polish D-3/D-4 Green Mirrors polish and high finish on tungsten cartride, finest polish on sacchire ruby, steel etc.
D-5/D-6/D-7 Yellow Mirrors polish and high finish on tungsten cartride, finest polish on sacchire ruby, steel etc.
Medium Polish D-10/D-14 Orange Removal of working scratches on steel on pre-polishing of steel and soft metals. Medium polish on tungsten carbide, pre-polishing on sapphire and ruby.
Pre Paratory Finishing Medium Cutting D-15/D-20/D-25 Pink Rapid stock removal with better finish on steel and tungsten carbide.
D-30/D-40 Brown Uniform stock removal on steel, Generation of uniform surface and medium cutting on tungsten carbide.
fast Stock Removal Rough Cutting D-50,D-60 Red Red Fast removal on tungsten carbide and any hard metal & enlarging the bore of drawing dies.
Hogging & Ripping Operations D-80,D-100 Black For speedy cutting og tungsten carbide & steel & ant metal.

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