Hardness Tester Diamond Indenter

The range of intenders manufactured by Comet Engg. Co. are utilised mainly for concluding the hardness testing on various metals as well as equipment made using metals. The intenders are designed in such a manner that the Octahedron diamond is mounted at an exact angle of 120 degrees. This ensures that there are rarely any errors, when it comes to results. Several results are obtained through the different intenders and then the same are tabulated to reach a final conclusion.

The array of intenders manufactured for hardness testing are offered in several models and have been recognised for being accurate and offering errors free as well as unswerving readings. Requiring minimal maintenance and being extremely durable, the range of Comet intenders are offered in the below mentioned testing systems:

  • Rockwell
  • Avery
  • Wilson
  • Reicherter
Standard Indentors for Hardness Machines

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